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If you are dedicated to perfecting the shot – be it at the shooting range or out on a hunt – you are in the perfect place.

Here at Rifle-scopes.info, we are committed to researching cutting-edge technology that can improve maximize your potential in any state where pinpoint accuracy is a must.

What determinant brings archers, hunters & marksmen together?

Distance. “How far away is it?” That’s a question that all of the above ask. Discovering the right distance between you & your target could expect dinner on the table or hitting the bulls-eye.

With Target Tamers on your side, there’s no going back. Don’t stress again. Don’t guess yet.

On our website, you will get a variety of information from reviews to how-tos & everything in between. Our goal is not only to assist you to make an informed decision about the particular piece of technology you are interested in but also to provide you with the report & motivation you need to get the most out of it once the decision is made.
After reading our product reviews, you will know:

Background about the special brands
Features of the specific model
Answers to commonly asked questions about the model
What actual paying customers think about the product
How it compares to similar models in the range

After reading your tips & how-to’s, we hope you will:

Better understand how to make the most of the technology available to you
Have an opinion of the terminology used by different companies
Feel motivated to read about the scopes you choose
Know the benefits (& drawbacks) of using that product

In the interest of full disclosure, Rifle-scopes.info would like to let you know that we have not personally owned & tested every product reviewed on this site (one can dream, however!). Instead, we have used our combined & considerable knowledge in conjunction with thorough research to assess each product. This has involved reviewing the company website & other authoritative websites as well as considering customer feedback & reviews. Rifle-scopes.info have also phoned the companies when necessary to get the inside information & even checked out the products in person in stores.

Rifle-scopes.info have done our best to provide factual up to date information, but it should be noted that all data presented here are our own opinions only. Rifle-scopes.info are merely trying to give you the information you need to make the best decision for your circumstance.

All that is left for you to do now is…

Aim, range & shoot!